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7 Tips on How to Sell Your House Fast in Sarasota, FL

People often take a bit of time saving up to buy a house. Even those who go for loans to buy houses, don’t just rush into it. That’s a good thing, but it poses a challenge for you – the seller – especially if you want to sell fast.

Fortunately, you can apply these 7 practical strategies to overcome such challenges and sell your house fast in Sarasota, FL.

Study the Sarasota Real Estate Market

  • What changes are happening in the real estate market?
  • Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market?
  • How are other sellers performing on the market?

These are some of the issues you should investigate before putting up your house for sale. So make sure you learn the latest data Sarasota real estate market. For instance, statistics show steadily increasing house prices in the recent past.

And projections show the trend will likely continue in 2018 and 2019. Such information will help you know how much you can get for your house, and how long it might stay on the market.

Understand the Seasonal Changes

You need to time the right season that exhibits ideal conditions. If not, your home might take too long to sell in the slow season.

What causes such seasonal changes?

Mostly it is residents coming from other areas in North America and Canada. Such movement of people into Florida significantly affects the population by as much as 22% annually.

A good number of them are coming to buy homes; hence, influencing the real estate market. By keeping track of those seasonal changes, you can identify the months when you’ll likely get the best price for your home and get a high chance of selling fast.

Spruce Up Your House

How great your house looks at first glance will influence buyers’ perception, and can increase their desire to buy your home fast. How you spruce up your house will depend on the type of buyers you want to attract and the type of home you have.

If you have a house built a decade ago or longer, you’ll be competing against new homes with modern designs. Therefore, you’ll need to give your home a stylish, up-to-date look. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint might do the trick.

Here, you should always consider what buyers want. Many buyers are looking for the trademark light, airy, modern, spacious Florida look. You can achieve this by removing extra clutter between rooms to create an open floor plan.

Set the Right Price

If you set a low price for your home, you’ll lose out on thousands of dollars of the real value. On the other hand, if you set too high a price, your home might take too long to sell. You might not even get a buyer, and it will negatively affect your house value.

How do you set the right price?

Take note of these aspects that will help you determine the right price:

  • Sold listings: Find out what recently sold in the real estate market to gauge your home’s fair market value.
  • Active listings: The current supply on the market will indicate just how competitive the market is and how to price your home to beat the competition.
  • Withdrawn and expired listings: This will help you avoid repeating mistakes made by other sellers since expired and withdrawn listing are signs of overpricing.

Sell Your Home to Local Cash Investors

This might be the fastest way to sell your house in Sarasota, FL. Taking the option to sell to home cash buyers helps you skip the process of listing your house. You don’t need to advertise or even go through the ritual of accommodating interested buyers for a walk-through of your home.

Most importantly, according to Alexander Becker, regional acquisition director at Sarasota’s home cash buyers group House Cashin, you won’t spend extra money on repairing your house. Cash investors buy homes in their current condition and do the necessary repairs themselves. They typically pay for the house within days, so you can conveniently sell it off and get on with other commitments.

Hire a Specialized Real Estate Web Marketing Company

Web marketing companies specializing in real estate marketing will help you promote your home effectively. You’ll get maximum exposure, reaching many prospective buyers.

This increases your chances of getting someone who has the finances to buy your home fast. A specialized real estate web marketing company possesses knowledge, resources and tools necessary to promote your property online, said real estate marketing department director at ODMsoft.

They do that based on professional market analysis, featuring comparable sales of homes with similar size, geography, and age.

Ensure Your Home is Available to Show

Increase your chances of selling fast by letting people look at your home in person. This can be a challenge if you’re living in the house. However, you can arrange to leave the house temporarily whenever someone needs to see it.

Fortunately, real estate agents will alert you early enough whenever potential buyers want to look at the house.


As you apply these tips to sell your house fast, you should never do anything too hastily. Always carry out due diligence before putting pen to paper.